About Mazatlan...

There are a million reasons to retire in Mazatlan, but why not start with just Six.

Whether you are young and single and love the party scene or a more mature, family oriented person, Mazatlan's warm weather and equally warm people will light up your soul while you experience quality living at prices well below major U.S. and Canadian cities and certainly at a fraction of the cost of Hawaii or the beaches of California, Florida or the Caribbean. Enjoy so much, but peso little.

Not so far away
from home

Mazatlan is relatively close to the border. You can drive to Nogales (or vice-versa) in 12 hours, although leisurely motorists tend to stop overnight halfway. By bus it's 16 hours. By air, it's a scant 2 hours to Phoenix or Houston, 2 ½ hours to Los Angeles, less than 3 to Denver or Salt Lake City. All those are hubs for further travel on Mexicana, America West, Continental, AeroMexico, Alaska, Delta, Frontier the airlines that serve Mazatlan.

A place of traditions
and substance

This is an old seaport city where many people trace their ancestry back 4 and 5 generations. Mazatlecos grow up seeing and welcoming strangers with a smile and a friendly hola.

We fiercely hold onto such traditions as our street parades and our Carnaval, said to be the third largest in the world.

The Angela Peralta Theater, faithfully restored to its 1860's glory in 1992, brought about a renaissance in the surrounding neighborhood, a historic quarter full of Neoclassical buildings. Mazatlan is the only beach resort in Mexico with an opera house suitable for symphony, chamber music, grand opera, jazz and rock concerts, ballet all the performing arts. And over the course of the year, they all appear here.

Enjoy the weather
all year round

Being just 15 miles south of the Tropic of Cancer, Mazatlan is in the same latitudes as the Hawaiian Islands and the southern Bahamas. Enjoy tropical conditions with dry, moderate winters and warm, wet summers. The average temperature year round is 77°F.

way of life

Being a beach resort, the local tourist industry hotels, restaurants, cocktail lounges, nightclubs, golf and deep sea fishing facilities and other visitor services is set up to deal with English-speaking customers. Also, among the 3,500 American and Canadian retirees already living here, various social groups have formed to network and to do voluntary community work.

A lower cost of living

Retirees living here find that their pensions go one third farther than back home. You can still get a cart full of groceries for less than $50, and household help is reasonable and available. When did you last pay $3.50 for a movie ticket? Being a big city, Mazatlan has a good transportation system with bus fares running about 70 cents, taxis around $4 or $5 for most trips around town. You don't really need a car.

Reasonably priced
health care

Health Care is available and reasonably priced. Among others, The Sharp Hospital, modeled after the one in San Diego, is up to big-city standards in the U.S. Sharp is where the cruise lines sailing the Mexican Riviera send their ailing employees, and local dentists take care of their teeth. No wonder: prices in the city hospitals are much lower than north of the border for high quality treatment. Some doctors even make house calls!

Come down to Mazatlan and check it out for yourself!

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